The Biggest Tax Heist In History £350 Billion in Tax Payers Money Stolen

We are the Network council of NINE., We are a collective entity who manages all things within the universe., We are here to change our planet what you call your home., Planet Earth.,

We have been monitoring this planet since our creation., Since, World War Two, we have chosen to make our presence seen and felt., It displeased us with the management of our planet.

Our goal is to remove all governments, royals, celebrities, military and the rich along with all religions., In the years to follow.,

We will invite Elon Musk to work with us if he refuses, he will join the others., We will give him no more chances., He has time to consider his options.,

What will happen to the named? They will suffer an unending suffering., The same dignity they gave Cheyenne & Chelsea.,

Today, the world is a very different place to what global governments had planned. People should be locked in total isolation, drones doing all the delivering. Police guarding the streets as your new prison wardens of the world. Denied., X


Many lost their business, many can’t afford to repay back that loan on their business, because of covid. their livelihood destroyed, property of all governments. Some made it through, yet they have their freedom back today. Governments did not get the plan they so desired to have in place. Those people who did nothing who obeyed every word don’t realise how lucky they are to have you.,

This planet is not 1984. Access denied., X

WE salute every man, woman, and child that stood up, pushed back, those who said NO. Those who joined the streets in defiance. You are the people we thank. Without your efforts, this world would be very different today. XRevolution.,


Are You Tired Of Government Lies?

We all have our reasons. If you want to know who I am and why? See the book

Interview With A Government Whistleblower The Scandalous Nothing But The Truth

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Governments of the world this is who stands behind us.,

Did you know, Governments?

That if we the people came together, with all our skills and knowledge, with the things people have achieved, there is no reason we the people can’t take care of this country and every other country. Governments rely on US the People not the other way around. There is nothing stopping us from putting this all correct and fair for everyone and push them out. People, we the society and there really is nothing stopping us. We have teachers, nurses, doctors, builders all among us. We are this nation, not criminal MPs who can’t take accountability. We have fire man, police, we can create a system where everyone is equal, everyone benefits fairly. We do not need any Parliament we need people who actually have experience in the needs of the people. That’s us all. THAT’S A FACT., WE ARE CAPABLE OF DOING OURSELVES.,

Each community has a spokes person and we connect them all. and begin silently and peacefully until we all stand as one united force.,

They won’t take responsibility for their actions. Children will still be vulnerable to them. So we create our own system, our own justice.,

We make this world a better, safer place for our children. They have had all the chances they are getting. We the people are all out of TRUST for all governments. All countries. We will remove those who create wars. It’s no longer acceptable behaviour.

Take any subject you want. How about the homeless? We don’t need some fool who has no clue what he or she is talking about, has no experience. We need people who have lived through that who know the needs of people who understand it like the back of their hand. Same goes for every system you can think of.

We the people can take care of things ourselves. We know what we are talking about everyone of us has suffered at the hands of these liars. That we can all agree on.

Every community team that already exists who agrees comes together makes contact. We build new community teams. We build a network between us all. Until we are all connected as one force, we spread and expand.

We won’t take down their buildings, we convert and build flats inside them for the homeless., Everyone of their buildings., We don’t need the buildings to run this planet.,

We can and we will., Because we are what makes this world a better place, not them.,

We plan, organise. Every country becomes one voice. We take away every government on this planet all at the same time.


we don’t need protests we need a REVOLUTION. They can’t be trusted.

We don’t want Boris Johnson out. We want them all out. Pick up your bags, you are all fired.,

Talk to your friends get the word moving. When you have a group ready, contact us. We are building a network of change., We the people are the change., It starts with Us all., Independent Companies join us.,

Who’s with US?

Our site will not have anymore updates. Our goal is to remain 100% secret. As we grow, we unite as one ultimate voice of change for the benefit of us all., Governed and organised by the 99% of the global society, pushing out the 1% who have never had the benefit of the people in mind, be it action or intention., Global change begins with us.,

One World., One Tribe., One Revolution Together.,

What to do if you want to join us? Do nothing., You will know when we take control signs will be everywhere., Use this time to decide., When the time comes, you will know what to do.,

You Will Have Access To Everything, And You Will Be Happy., — NINE.,